Network Review Summer 2001

Issue No: 76



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Book Reviews

Science and the Philosophy of Science

  • Alfred Russell Wallace – A Life Peter Raby
  • Dear Mr Darwin Gabriel Dover
  • Figments of Reality Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen
  • Why God Won’t Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief Andrew Newberg, Eugene E’Aquili and Vance Rause

Medicine and Health

  • Immunology of the Soul: The Paradigm for the Future Ursula M Anderson MD (SMN)
  • Kraeft – Videnskab, Helbredelse Og Bevidsthed (Danish) Ole and Suzette van Hauen Drucker (SMN)
  • The Heartmath Solution Don Childre and Howard Martin
  • The Endorphin Effect William Bloom (SMN)
  • Sacred Cows and Golden Geese Ray and Jean Greek

Religion and Philosophy

  • Why Religion Matters Huston Smith
  • The Millennium Bridge A K Mukhopadyay (SMN)


  • The Volitional Brain: Towards A Neuroscience Of Freewill Benjamin Libet, Anthony Freeman & Keith Sutherland (eds)
  • Models Of The Self Shaun Gallagher & Jonathan Shear (eds)
  • The View From Within: First-Person Approaches To The Study Of Consciousness Francisco J. Varela & Jonathan Shear (eds)
  • Atom And Archetype: The Pauli/Jung Letters 1932-1958 C A Meier (ed)
  • The Meaning Of Mind Thomas Szasz
  • Toward A Psychology Of Awakening John Welwood
  • Past Lives Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick (SMN)
  • The Vast Enquiring Soul Ronald Russell (SMN)

Ecology/Economics/Future Studies

  • The Cultural Creatives Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson
  • Emergence Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Planet Earth – The Latest Weapon Of War Rosalie Bertell


  • Shamanism and the Mystery Lines Paul Devereux (SMN)
  • Handbook of Action Research Peter Reason (SMN) and Hilary Bradbury (eds)
  • Life Lessons Elizabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler

Books in Brief

Science/Philosophy of Science




Future Studies/Economics/Ecology



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