Network Review Winter 1995

Issue No: 59



  • Crime and Nourishment – Derek Bryce-Smith
  • Evolution and the Transcendence of Mind – Theodore Roszak
  • New Age, Old Risks: the perils of tolerance – Guy Claxton
  • Natural Science in German Romanticism – Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
  • Crick’s Question – Norman Walter
  • Language, Communication – and Art – Peter Petersen
  • The Effect of the Earth’s Magnetic Field on the Animal Nervous System – Abstract by Keith Wakelam of a paper by Charles Brooker



  • The Healing Effect
  • The Nature of Energy
  • Beyond the Brain: The Multiple Choice Question

Personal Experiences

  • Persephone and her Owls: three instances of preternatural knowledge – Derek Anton-Stephens
  • Another Dowsing Story – Peter Harper
  • The Family Parrot – Heather Phillips

Network News and Notices

Members’ News and Notices

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News and Notices

Forthcoming Events

Book reviews

Science/Philosophy of Science

  • Shadows of the Mind, by Roger Penrose
  • The Astonishing Hypothesis: the scientific search for the soul, by Francis Crick
  • The Memory of Water, by Michel Shiff
  • Thought as a System, by David Bohm


  • Madness and Modernism, by Louis A. Sass
  • Why we will never win the War on Aids, by Brian J. Ellison and Peter H. Deusberg
  • The Plague Makers, by Jeffrey A. Fisher
  • The Politics of Breastfeeding, by Gabrielle Palmer
  • The Power of the Mind to Heal, by Joan and Miroslav Borysenko
  • The Complete Healer: How to awaken and develop your healing potential, by David Furlong
  • Living, Loving and Healing, by Bernie Siegel
  • Psycho-Energetics: A method of self-discovery and healing, by Jordan P. Weiss
  • Alternative Healthcare: A Comprehensive Guide, by Jack Raso

Religion and Philosophy

  • Causes and Coincidences, by David Owen
  • The Dilema of Narcissus, by Louis Lavelle
  • Gnosis: An esoteric tradition of mystical visions and union, by Dan Merkur
  • Soul: An archeology, edited by Phil Cousineau
  • Krishnamurti (Two Birds on One Tree, by Ravi Ravindra; Love and Freedom, by Peter Michel)


  • Beyond Psychology: An introduction to metapsychology, by Frank A. Gerbode
  • The Web of the Universe: Jung, the ‘new pysics’ and human spirituality, by John Hitchcock
  • Science, Paradox and the Moebius Principle, by Steven Rosen
  • Ultimate Journey, by Robert Monroe


  • Population: the complex reality, edited by Sir Francis Graham-Smith; World War III, by Mihael Tobias; Full House, by Lester R. Brown and Hal Kane
  • The Cosmic Microbe: A positive vision for the future, by Heather Couzyn


  • Higher Superstition, by Paul Gross and Norman Levitt
  • Voices on the Theshold of Tomorrow: 145 views of the new millenium, edited by Georg Feuerstein and Trisha Lamb Feuerstein

Books in Brief

Science/Philosophy of Science






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