Network Review Winter 1997

Issue No: 65



Experiment and Experience – David Lorimer


  • Goethe’s Organic Vision – Henri Bortoft –> broken link
  • Consciousness — Creativity — Responsibility – Ervin Laszlo –> broken link
  • The Myth of Medical Education – Zoë Playdon –> broken link
  • Birth and Death: Passwords to the Human Spiritual Encounter – Andrew Powell –> broken link
  • Consciousness in Yoga Philosophy – Mick Burley –> broken link


Personal Experience


  • Aura Viewing
  • Madness in the Method
  • Participation at Network Meetings
  • Energy and Information Talk

Network News and Notices

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News and Notices

Forthcoming Events

Book Reviews

Science and the Philosophy of Science

  • The Wholeness of Nature: Goethe’s Way of Science by Henri Bortoft
  • The Prehistory of Mind by Steven Mithen
  • From Physics to Metaphysics by Michael Redhead
  • A Question of Genes: Understanding life in context by Craig Holdrege
  • Nature’s Imagination – Edited by John Cornwell

Medicine and Health

  • Be Careful What You Pray For… you just might get it by Larry Dossey
  • Matters of Life and Death by John Cairns
  • Plague’s Progress: a social history of man and disease by Arno Karlen
  • Healing the Split: Integrating Spirit into our Understanding of the Mentally Ill by John Nelson
  • Therapeutic Touch by Dolores Krieger
  • Bearing Meaning: The Language of Birth by Robbie Pfeufer Kahn

Religion and Philosophy

  • Theism, Atheism and Big Bang Cosmology by William Lane Craig and Quentin Smith
  • The Sense of God by John Bowker; Is God a Virus? by John Bowker
  • Jesus Christ, Sun of God by David Fideler; Jesus the Sage – The Pilgrimage of Wisdom by Ben Witherington III
  • Parapsychology, Philosophy and Spirituality: A Postmodern Exploration by David Ray Griffin

Psychology and Consciousness Studies

  • Reincarnation and Biology: a contribution to the biology of birthmarks and birth defects by Ian Stevenson;Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect by Ian Stevenson
  • Future Visions: The Unpublished Papers of Abraham Maslow – Edited by Edward Hoffman
  • Incredible Tales of the Paranormal – Edited by Alexander Imich

Ecology, Economics, Futures Studies

  • Chaotics: an agenda for business and society in the 21st century – Edited by Georges Anderla, Anthony Dunning and Simon Forge
  • Energy, Society and Environment by David Elliott


  • Co-operative Inquiry: Research into the Human Condition by John Heron
  • The State of the Cybernation by Neil Barrett
  • Towards a New World View – Edited by Russell DiCarlo
  • The Cosmic Connection: Worldwide Crop Formations and ET Contacts by Michael Hesemann

Video Reviews

  •  The Question Is…? – John Templeton Foundation

Books in Brief

Science/Philosophy of Science

Medicine/Health –> broken link



Future Studies/Economics/Ecology


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