Network Review Winter 2008

Issue No: 98


Editorial: Some More Thoughts on Tighropes – A Personal View– Chris Lyons


The Moral Bankruptcies of our Civilisation– Ben Okri

Restoring Harmony and Connection: Inner and Outer– A speech by HRH Prince of Wales

Happiness and the Teaching of Values– Richard Layard

The Not-Yet-Developed World: Investigating the Parallels between Adolescence and Modernity Oliver Robinson

The State of Global Emergency– Ervin Laszlo and David Woolfson

The End of Science– Anthony Judge

Darwin and Religion: A definitive web resource– Denis R. Alexander


A Participative Spiritual Inquiry – Joycelin Dawes

The Common Ground Report – A Participative Spiritual Inquiry held March 3rd-6th, 2008

The Body and Beyond 1 – Robert A Charman

Science and Spirituality – Dr. Stephan Krall

Network News

Book Reviews

Books in Brief – David Lorimer

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