Phoebe Wyss – Inside the Cosmic Mind

This talk will explore aspects of the emerging 21st century paradigm of a dynamic self-creating universe. Viewing the cosmos as a living organism with inter-related parts gives new meaning to the Hermetic axiom ‘as above so below’. Phoebe proposes that the cosmology of the physicists be extended to include the inner level of reality – the cosmic mind and psyche – arguing that the systems science model of nested hierarchies , when applied to mind, suggests that purpose and meaning in the cosmos could flow top-down from the mind of the whole, which puts subjects like astrology on a new footing.

After a degree in English and Philosophy and an MA thesis on William Blake at Reading University,PHOEBE WYSS worked for twenty years as a lecturer at the University of Hanover in Germany – a job she gave up in 1985 to become a professional astrologer. Since then she’s been giving consultations, courses and workshops and lately investigating frontier science on a quest to understand how astrology works. She’s published an astrology board game, two books on the astrological archetypes, and her latest book on astrology and cosmology – Inside the Cosmic Mind: Archetypal Astrology and the New Cosmology – was published by Floris Books last year (see

Doors open at 7:30pm for an 8pm start, when parking restrictions are lifted. Nearest stations are Hampstead (Northern Line) or Hampstead Heath (Overground). Contribution is £10 for members and £12 for guests

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