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Book Reviews

Book reviews of recently published books.

Paradigm Explorer

Journal published
three times a year in pdf and print formats.

Webinar Library

Free access to recordings
of previous webinars.

SMN Members Area

A website with a special area for Members including a fascinating archive
of downloadable MP3s from previous events discussion groups, forums,
and past copies of published material.

Informal Webinars

Three weekly informal webinars exclusively for Members – an interactive
dialogue with Chair Paul Filmore, a meditation session with Emeritus
President Dr Peter Fenwick and a virtual bar with Paul Kieniewicz

Private Social Networking

Social groups & Forums  discussing current topics on science, medicine and spirituality

Social Features including members directory, private messaging and fully customizable profiles.


What Our Members Say…

Hi, I have been a member of the SMN for a year now and I just feel the need to thank you for giving me the opportunity to embrace the person I am.

I have attended many webinars and weekly meetings since becoming a member and the knowledge I have accumulated has been so inspiring.

I feel I belong to a tribe who’s only goal is to achieve a higher understanding of who we are as a human family.

Once again many thanks.


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