Research Project on NDE/OBE – Request for Participants

Astral Projection

A research team at John Hopkins university headed by experimental psychologist Alexander DeFoe is looking for verifiable cases of Near Death Experiences or Out of Body Experiences for a research project. Alexander De Foe received his PhD from Monash University. In 2015 he founded the Centre for Exceptional Human Potential in Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of Consciousness Beyond the Body.

De Foe says, While there have been numerous cases of veridical OBE perception documented in literature, never has a research study been developed to repeatably verify such perceptions beyond doubt (while also minimising research bias and false accounts).

Some questions his research will ask are,
– Does one’s consciousness continue after physical death?
– Is there an afterlife? (and, can we show this empirically, rather than resting on religious doctrine?)
– Is extra-sensory perception possible?
– What is the essential nature of Mind?

Anyone who has had a NDE and OBE, or other exceptional experience that has altered their perception of death can participate in the research by completing a survey.

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