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What is the relationship between healthy soil and human health? The Scientific and Medical Network, The Resurgence Trust, The Soil Association, Navdanya and the Real Farming Trust present a panel discussion with: Dr Vandana Shiva, Satish Kumar, Helen Browning OBE and Colin Tudge, chaired by David Lorimer
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Over the last decades there has been a profound growth in our understanding of human physiology and the science of good health. But how is all this relevant to a mystic and esoteric approach to life? In this session William will assert that there is an intimate connection between this new physiology, altered states of consciousness and ancient descriptions of our soul’s journey and purpose. 
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Federico Faggin will be interviewed by David Lorimer about his autobiography entitled:  ‘SILICON – From the Invention of the Microprocessor to the New Science of Consciousness’. In his heartfelt memoir, Faggin chronicles his “four lives”: his formative years in war-torn Northern Italy; his pioneering work in the US microelectronics industry; his successful career as a high-tech entrepreneur; and his explorations into the mysteries of consciousness. 
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Join us for an illuminating panel discussion with Elias Capriles, Debashish Banerji and Lewis Mehl-Madrona. We will explore cross-culturally indigenous wisdom traditions in terms of their knowledge-base, methods and practices as a means to facilitate a transformational shift in consciousness. This webinar is for people searching for transpersonal-existential meaning and purpose in life beyond the constraints of Western modernity. 
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Beyond Us - A Humanitarian’s Perspective on our Values, Beliefs and Way of Life
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This webinar will be devoted to understanding enchantment – first and foremost, wonder – as a fundamental human experience. We shall consider its chief characteristics, such as what Max Weber called ‘concrete magic’, and its dynamics, including the realisation of moment and place. Then we turn to the truths enchantment can show us. These have significant implications for our further understanding of life, including ourselves. In particular, they undermine any foundational split between the spiritual or psychological on the one hand, and the material on the other. 
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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a pivotal text whose story haunts us today. Published in 1819, the spirit of the depths below the spirit of the times in which it was written foreshadowed how Victor Frankenstein’s dream to animate dead matter has become our nightmare. As a new god who would all but banish death from life, he would use the newly discovered science of electricity and create a technology to create a new race of beings who, as he says, would bless him as their father. But horrified by the creature he has made and whom he never names, he abandons him and denies responsibility for the consequences of his actions.
For much of the younger generation, living East or West, gone are proverbial 40-nights in the desert and neglected are the ancient tomes of perennial wisdom. These have been replaced by an electronic universe of information and opinion; and, yes, it can be for the better. Never before have people been so interconnected at a social level. For the young, these connections may not be as deep as the older generation might have experienced but they are, indeed, wide. Within the next decade there is more to come.
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Grosso says: “This webinar is for people in search of a science-based mythology of transcendence. Our starting-point is a recurrent intuition of mystics and philosophers: an intuition of a transcendent mind that is present to the human adventure.
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We’re poised between two futures. One: a breakdown future of chaos, conflict, and collapse. The other: a breakthrough future of safety, restoration, and flourishing. The choice between them starts in our minds – whether we’re able to manage our mental states, at a moment of extraordinary turbulence. Whether we react to people who disagree with us with empathy or enmity. Whether we see ourselves as part of a polarised them-and-us – or an inclusive Larger Us.