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A common feature of many normal, paranormal and mystical experiences is that they involve some form of space which is distinct from ordinary physical space but nevertheless communal (i.e. a higher-dimensional reality structure). This suggests that individual minds are connected as part of some Universal Mind, with the brain being a filter rather than a generator of consciousness. This implies the possibility of survival of consciousness after death, with the space required for this having some connection with dream space and memory space. However, the nature of post-mortem identity depends crucially on how the Universal Mind fragments into individual minds (i.e. on how consciousness becomes associated with a particular embodiment). We must therefore understand the process of arrival (birth) as well as survival (death). I argue that this involves the nature of the specious present (the minimum timescale of conscious experience). There could then be a hierarchy of levels of consciousness associated with a hierarchy of specious presents and I discuss the implications of this for the nature of identity.
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October 11, 2021: A misadventure into magic, myth, folklore and potent neuro-hacking chemicals. This talk discusses both the scientific and the mystical understanding of people's experiences of visionary encounters with discarnate beings. In all times and places, people have had unnervingly real encounter experiences with deities, demons, angels, elves, aliens, and ghosts. Sometimes these occur when a person is in an altered state – dreaming, on drugs, or is near death. The connection between the altered state and the 'visitation' is explored in a vividly illustrated talk, which takes a personal tour through folklore, mythology, neurochemistry, magic, shamanism, Death and the angel of a thousand eyes, brain anatomy, Tibetan demonology, the pineal gland, art, the Reg Veda, psychoactive toads and a cauldron full of other odd ingredients.
Join Dr Kylie Harris, research psychologist, writer and activist in a theoretical discussion about the spiritual nature of the climate emergency and the psychological tools we can use to become part of the solution.
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A journey that will compel readers to view life after death in a completely different way. Where – do our loved ones go – After they die?
'Spiritual Insights' is intended to to provide understanding and awareness of our spiritual nature. It should also provide enlightenment, guidance and hope for all who need a better explanation of the apparent chaos which currently surrounds our existence. Humankind is ready to grow spiritually. This is a book for all who seek to understand who we are and why we are.
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Doug says: “How does quantum information support transcendent states, which are the root of most metaphysics? My Source Science model asserts that the quantum bit physics infrastructure is a representational model (quantum matrix) of these metaphysics behaviours because they are incompatible with classical physics.
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Ernst says: “Anthropology includes both human biology and human culture. Our biology, our genetic outfit, has not really changed for thousands of years. But our habits have changed. 
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Together with the oceans, forests are the main players in maintaining the planet’s climate as well as the other regulatory systems that make this planet a living one.
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Prof Paco Calvo: Plant Sentience – Are They Locked-in Communicators? The evolution of sentience has become a hot topic of research in recent years, and yet the vast majority of people reject any association whatsoever between sentience and plant life.