Join Dr Kylie Harris, research psychologist, writer and activist in a theoretical discussion about the spiritual nature of the climate emergency and the psychological tools we can use to become part of the solution.
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Doug says: “How does quantum information support transcendent states, which are the root of most metaphysics? My Source Science model asserts that the quantum bit physics infrastructure is a representational model (quantum matrix) of these metaphysics behaviours because they are incompatible with classical physics.
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Ernst says: “Anthropology includes both human biology and human culture. Our biology, our genetic outfit, has not really changed for thousands of years. But our habits have changed. 
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One of the most radical impacts of quantum physics on our view of the world is the demolition of the notion of matter as some solid, objectively existing ‘stuff’: the world is not made of things, of objects localised in space. What appears to us as ‘particle’ or ‘wave’, depending on the experimental setup, is neither particle nor wave.
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Can holistic and spiritual care of the dying enrich end of life care? Dying is a complex spiritual process as well as a medical event.
How can we breach the cultural divide between people of different races and religions?
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For thousands of years, philosophers have speculated that the universe may be conscious. The idea – variously known as panpsychism, panexperientialism, or cosmopsychism – is making a comeback today.  Leading neuroscientists and cognitive philosophers are its newest advocates.   However, nearly all of them view consciousness as a product of the neocortex.