Synchronicity and wrong beliefs – Axel Hasenhoeller

The talk will examine multiple definitions of the term “Synchronicity” and will discuss the possible false beliefs that can occur. Jung, Pauli, Von Franz and other authors, have discussed synchronicity in psychiatry, philosophy, physics, statistics and anthropology. We will see that it is very difficult to establish a clear distinction between “real” synchronicities in opposition to illusions. Wrong beliefs are mainly pointed out by Materialists, who consider the psyche as a brain epiphenomenon. With a materialist worldview there is no evidence of any synchronicity phenomenon using classical scientific tools (surveys, statistics…).  That means there is a complete break between common experiences which are unique and repeatable events. The conclusion leads us to discuss how a single event can possibly have a very particular character of truth instead of measurable, repeatable and programmable events as required by materialistic science.  In other words, is there a science of unique events?

About the speaker : Axel Hasenhoeller, M.Sc. in Psychology, obtained his degree at the University of Lausanne in 2006 with a work named “Synchronicity, a working hypothesis”. He is a member of the Swiss psychological association (FSP) and his local antenna in Wallis (APVs), as webmaster. He is also a member of the committee of the Swiss psychosomatic therapy association (ASTPC) which brings together health professionals involved in mind and matter interaction in therapy. His work can be seen here : (

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