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The Big Questions in Science: How to Understand Them and Free Yourself from Dogmas

The Big Questions in Science: How to Understand Them and Free Yourself from Dogmas

This coming Wednesday, September 29, is Michaelmas, the feast of St Michael and All Angels, one of my favourite festivals. In Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals throughout the world there will be anthems, hymns and prayers about the angels. I do not think of angels as androgynous airborne human-like beings as depicted in stained glass windows, but rather as intelligences that pervade the natural world, including the stars and galaxies, influencing us through our dreams and imaginations, and reminding us that we live in a living universe, with many kinds of minds beyond the human level. I plan to go to the Sung Eucharist at Westminster Abbey at 5 pm, and if you live in Britain or Ireland you can find out the details of evening masses or choral evensongs for Michaelmas at a cathedral near you through the website:

From November 4-24 I am giving a 12-part online course on The Big Questions in Science: How to Understand Them and Free Yourself from Dogmas, which will also include two live Q&A sessions. The course is based on my book The Science Delusion (called Science Set Free in the US). This is my most ambitious online course so far, and I hope that that it will help to expand the world view of participants.

I gave a talk to mark the fortieth anniversary of the publication of my first book A New Science of Life called ‘Morphic Resonance After Forty Years’ which is now online here.

On November 5, I am doing a dialogue with Graham Hancock on the nature of consciousness at the Online Beyond the Brain Conference organized by the Scientific and Medical Network. Graham and I last spoke on the same platform at a TEDx event in London in 2013, which led to the TED organization banning both our talks, although of course it’s now impossible to ban anything. His banned talk is here.

Finally, I would like to hear about about experiences you may have had with dying dogs, cats, horses, parrots and other animals shortly before they died. I am doing research on ‘terminal lucidity’ whereby some people with dementia recover their memory and clarity soon before dying. I am trying to find out if something similar occurs in animal too. If you would like to share your experiences with me and my assistant Pam Smart, please email us at [email protected] I explain this project in more detail in this short YouTube video.


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