A Critical Conversation with Roger Penrose

Roger Penrose
Thursday 10th November, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Presented by Ideas Roadshow & Conway Hall Ethical Society

Celebrated theoretical physicist Sir Prof Roger Penrose (Honorary member SMN) speaks with Ideas Roadshow host Howard Burton on the current and future state of theoretical physics in keeping with his latest book, ‘Fashion, Faith and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe’.

Tickets: £10 standard, £7 concessions, £5 Conway Hall Ethical Society members.

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Dr. Herbert van Erkelens: Wolfgang Pauli and the ring i

Theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli discovered through his dreams and his active imagination ‘The Piano Lesson’ a dimension beyond quantum physics and depth psychology connected with love and synchronicity. A Chinese lady offered him in the Piano Lesson a ring that would enable to stay in contact with that dimension. Inside the ring there was an energy present, personified as an inner teacher and turned from lead into gold. The ring is known in mathematics as the complex unit circle and in physics as the heart of quantum physics. It is the ring i where i stands for the imaginary unit. The energy inside the ring represents a consciousness still unknown either to quantum physics or depth psychology, the sacred consciousness of the inner Christ.