BATGAP Station Bernard Carr

Bernard Carr at Buddha at the Gas Pump

On the 24th of July our president Bernard Carr was interviewed by Rick Archer for his Buddha at the Gas Pump series. It’s quite a long discussion (nearly three hours), so it might be helpful to indicate the order of topics covered, so that people don’t have to listen to all of it.

The first part is mainly about cosmology (fine-tunings, the multiverse, the development of complexity, dark matter etc.) and so represents Bernard’s professional interests. However, this leads into a discussion (going beyond conventional cosmology) of whether some collective mind or spirit must have preceded the creation of the universe. Bernard favours this view but distinguishes it from the traditional Intelligent Design argument.

The conversation then turns to a discussion of the link between science and spirituality and the important role of psychical research in forming a bridge between them. He emphasizes the need for a postmaterialist science which can accommodate mind and spirit and anticipates that this will be a 2-stage process, with first mind and then spirit being accommodated. He also highlights the important role of the SMN and the Galileo Commission project in this context. He argues that the expanded science must go beyond quantum theory and is probably associated with the ‘final’ theory required to amalgamate quantum mechanics and relativity theory.

Finally he discusses his own hyperspatial model, involving the higher dimensions already invoked by modern physics, and explains how this entails a radically new view of time and consciousness.

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