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Consciousness, Cognition and Behavior

Mukhopadhyay AK*



The readers and authors of the journal are all neuroscientists. The purpose of such review in this journal is to make them familiar with an emerging worldview that the brain is not the source of consciousness and cognitive faculty could not be localised within the specifics of the brain. Further, the relationship between consciousness, cognition and behaviour are not horizontal but vertical in time involving nature‟s prequantum, pre-prequantum nests and the decision-making nest of consciousness. This calls for a cautious interpretation of neuroimaging data in the context of consciousness for management of neurological, psychiatric and psychological diseases.


Method: The review is based upon author‟s extensive publications on the emerging worldview of a neuraxis which because of ontological reversal works like an inverted tree with roots up, open to depths of the nature and the branches down as peripheral nerves. This view has been extended to build up the idea that systems psyche works as an interphase between brain-bound and brain-independent consciousness, supported by data from some recent publications. The ways have been carved out with innovative ideas and figures how systems cosmology could be connected with systems neuroscience including molecular cell biology.


The Message: Neuroscience needs an overhaul. The classical and quantum neuroscience will find its precise place with development of science of prequantum vacuum having event-generating entity with several information states and memory, followed by a science of sub-subquantum nests of nature, having sentient and homeostasis-running entities; entities are autonomous, however guided by „will‟ and intention sourced from the nest of consciousness.


Conclusion: Consciousness cognition and behavior operate on vertical timeline involving different depths of nature and corresponding information states. Intelligence requires involvement of sentient entity, „life‟ and „will‟, and for behavioral expression, a „mind‟ operating through an expressive infrastructure such as brain. Artificial intelligence and artificial brain are relevant in life-less science but are not the determinants of the future of science or humanity.


Conclusion remains open-ended till Deep Science confirms the view that a consciousness-rooted neuroscience of live brain is more powerful, and is determinant of the rest of the science.

Keywords: Supracortical consciousness, Cognition, Cognitive faculty, Cognitive currency, Behavior, Attitude, Brain-as-sensor, Heart-as-sensor, Leadership, Deep Science


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