Dr. Marco Schorlemmer – Science, Technology and Contemplative Inquiry

Scientific inquiry is, at its core, deeply contemplative. Current scientific and engineering practice, however, instead of nurturing this facet is often at odds with a contemplative attitude to science and technology. In this talk Marco will argue for the need to conjoin contemplative and scientific inquiry so as to ensure that human quality shines through scientific research and technological development.

DR MARCO SCHORLEMMER is a senior scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), where he has conducted research on Automated Theorem Proving, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Multi-Agent Systems, and Computational Creativity. He has has been co-coordinator of the Science Group in the ‘National Plan for Values’ initiative of the Catalan government and is currently collaborating with the Word Community for Christian Meditation and its Meditatio Centre in London on initiatives that aim at restoring the contemplative dimension to our scientific and technological activity.

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