Is Heaven for Real? The significant implications of near death experiences

Date: Friday 29th July 2016 – 31st July 2016
Venue: The Stripe, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester

In the 40 years since the publication of Raymond Moody’s Book, Life After Life,  a great deal of research has been undertaken on near-death experiences (NDEs).. They continue to raise questions about dying and the afterlife, particularly in view of the similarities between so many of them cross-culturally, and the effects they have on those who experience them.

FlyerThis conference brings together some of the world’s leading experts, such as Pim van Lommel. Peter Fenwick, Paul Badham and others, to consider the progress that has been made towards a new model of death and dying.  Thus the emphasis is more on the meaning and consequences of NDEs, both for experiencers and those who, for example, care for the dying, rather than on trying to find scientific explanations.

The conference programme will

  • explore the reported nature of, and reflections on near-death experiences
  • the relationship between religious experiences and NDEs
  • explore questions  about life after death
  • discuss he implications for  medical care and nursing
  • examine the implications for religious (and sceptical)  people and for theology and other disciplines.
  • Provide a cross-cultural element in Patrick Gaffney’s talk on Tibetan Buddhism.




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