Network Review Spring 1997

Issue No: 63



Financial Imperatives for the Network


  • Energy Talk – Larry Dossey
  • The Moving Ground Cosmos – Henrik B. Tschudi
  • The Field Substance of Mind: A Hypothesis – Robert A. Charman
  • Dialogue of Henri Bergson – David Lorimer and Rupert Sheldrake
  • Time: a Challenge to Physics? – Michael Friedjung


  • Spirituality and Medicine, St. Petersberg – Alexander Kopytin
  • The Placebo Response, London – Julian Candy
  • Retreat to Paradise: SMN Jamaica – Janine Edge
  • The Future of DNA: Dornach – From the Scientific Section of the Anthroposophical Society


  • What is Truth?
  • The Need for Breadth
  • AIDS: the Failure of Contemporary Science
  • The Foreseeable Ipasse of Anthropocentric Society
  • Informal Work with Joe Nuzum
  • Exploration

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