Network Review Summer 1995

Issue No: 58



  • The Healing Effect: Complementary Medicine’s Unifying Principle? – David Hodges & Tony Scofield
  • The Nature of Energy – Christopher Thomson
  • Science Fiction or Fact? – Fotini Pallikari-Viras


  • 18th Mystics and Scientists 1995: The Water of Life – Julian Candy
  • Time, Chaos and the Laws of Physics: The 1995 May Dialogue – David Lorimer
  • The Study of Consciousness and the Physical Universe: St. Petersberg Conference 1995 – Keith Wakelam
  • The Network Annual Gathering: Gaunt’s House, Dorset, England – Paul Folca
  • A Quantum Approach to Biology and Medicine – Roger Taylor


  • The Network CompuServe Forum
  • Helicies and Double Helix
  • HIV AIDS Pollution and Parasites
  • I see you, Network Person!
  • Trying to Understand Animal and Plant Development

Personal Experiences

  • Three Types of Déjà Vu – Don Eldridge

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Book reviews

Science/Philosophy of Science

  • A Model of the Universe: Space-time, Probability and Decision, by Storrs McCall
  • The Origin of the Universe, by John D. Barrow; The Last Three Minutes, by Paul Davies
  • A Fundamental Investigation into the Theory of Relativity, by Jean Amant
  • Blackfoot Physics – A Journey into the Native American Universe, by F. David Peat
  • The Third Culture – Beyond the Scientific Revolution, edited by John Brockman; How Things Are – A Scientific Tool-Kit for the Mind, editied by John Brockman and Katinka Mason
  • Einstein, History and Other Passions, by Gerald Holton


  • Towards a New Science of Health, edited by Robert Lafaille and Stephen Fulder
  • Medicine and Moral Reasoning, edited by K.W.M. Fulford, Grant R. Gillett and Janet Martin Soskice
  • Cross Currents – The Perils of Electro-Pollution and the Promise of Electro Medicine, by Robert Becker
  • A New Model for Health and Disease, by George Vithoulkas

Religion and Philosophy

  • Making Sense, by John Habgood
  • The Myth of the Framework, by Sir Karl Popper; Knowledge and the Mind-Body Problem, by Sir Karl Popper
  • Aghora II: Kundalini, by Robert E. Svoboda
  • Great Christian Thinkers, by Hans Küng
  • The Mystery of Light: The Life and Teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, by George Feuerstein
  • Books on Death and Dying – A Composiyte Review


  • The Truth in the Light, by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick
  • The Roots of the Self, by Robert Ornstein
  • The Encyclopedia of Parapsychology and Psychical Research, by Arthur and Joyce Berger; An Introduction to Parapsychology, by Harvey J. Irwin
  • Using New Technology to Explore the Unconsciousness, by Gwyn Hocking
  • The Lotus in the City, by David Fontana
  • Human Potential: The Search for ‘Something More’, by Iain Scott


  • The Great Reckoning: How the World will Change before the year 2000, by James Dale Davidson & William Rees-Mogg
  • Spiritual Politics, by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson
  • Global Warming: The Complete Briefing, by Sir John Houghton
  • The Life and Death of Petra Kelley, by Sara Parkin
  • The Food System – A Guide, by Geoff Tansey and Tony Worsley


  • Love, Power and Justice: towards a feminist transformation of the sciences, by Hilary Rose; Nature’s Body: sexual politics and the making of modern sciences, by Londa Schiebinger; The Death of Nature: women, ecology and the scientific revolution, by Carolyn Merchant
  • Effective Science Teaching, by Brian E. Woolnough; Teaching Science, edited by Ralph Levinson; Science Eductaion for a Pluralist Society, by Michael Reiss; Science Teaching: the role of history and philosophy science, by Michael R. Matthews; Science to 14, by Stephen Pople; Advanced Biology Revision Handbook, by W. R. Pickering
  • The Art of Living in Peace, by Pierre Weil
  • Remarkable Discoveries!, by Frank Ashall
  • When the Earth Nearly Died, by D.S. Allen & J.B. Delair

Books Received

Science/Philosophy of Science







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