Network Review Winter 1998

Issue No: 68




Personal Experience

Points of View

Cyril Forssander – David Tompsett


  • Consciousness in Yoga Philosophy – Lila M. Mallette
  • Consciousness, realisation AND research – Roger A. McMaster-Fay
  • Epistemology and Hermeneutics – Paul Anderson

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Forthcoming Events

Book Reviews

Science and the Philosophy of Science

  • Zen and the Brain James H. Austin
  • Darwinian Fairy Tales David Stove
  • The Ascent of Science Brian L. Silver What Remains to be Discovered John Maddox
  • Lifelines Steven Rose

Medicine and Health

  • Molecules of Emotion Candace B. Pert The Emotional Brain Joseph LeDoux
  • Complementary Medicine: an integrated approach Lewith, Kenyon and Lewis Complementary Medicine: a practical guide Tanvir Jamal
  • Rediscovering Real Medicine Jean Elmiger
  • Forbidden Medicine Ellen Brown
  • Chronobiologie und Chronomedizin Hildebrandt, Moser and Lehofer

Religion and Philosophy

  • Conversations with God Neale Donald Walsh
  • God, Faith and the New Millenium Keith Ward
  • The Feminine Face of God Anderson and Hopkins
  • Anam Cara John O’Donohue

Psychology and Consciousness Studies

  • Lessons from the Light Ring and Valarino On the Other Side of Life Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino
  • Dancing in the Flames Woodman and Dickson
  • The Cosmic Game Stanislav Grof
  • Body, Mind, Spirit ed Charles Tart
  • First Person Plural: multiple personality and the philosophy of mind Stephen E. Braude

Ecology, Economics, Futures Studies

  • The End of Work Jeremy Rifkin
  • The Hungry Spirit – Beyond Capitalism Charkes Handy
  • The Doubly Green Revolution Gordon Conway
  • The Masterplan Paradigm or Human Survival and Excellence Singh, Kaur and Singh


  • The Soul of Cyberspace Jeff Zaleski
  • The Personal World – John Macmurray on Self and Society John MacMurray

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Books in Brief

Science/Philosophy of Science




Future Studies/Economics/Ecology



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