New PSI Encyclopedia

The Psi Encyclopedia is a new collection of articles and case studies about psi research, the scientific investigation of psychic phenomena. It’s a work in progress, being created by the Society for Psychical Research in London.

The Psi Encyclopedia exists largely thanks to the generosity of Nigel Buckmaster, who willed a sum of money to the Society for Psychical Research with instructions to publish works that would make the evidence for psi and survival phenomena better known. Buckmaster became interested in the subject after he and his sister, in their separate homes in London, experienced synchronous anomalous experiences at the time of the death of their mother in 1966. He related the event to the Society, which published a report in its Journal the following year. The report is given in full here. Titled ‘Two Synchronous Experiences Connected with a Death’, it consists of Buckmaster’s 1966 statement, a supporting statement by his sister, and comment by the author of the report GW Lambert. (The report refers to Buckmaster by the pseudonym ‘Peter Davidson’.)

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