Spiritualise: revitalising spirituality to address 21st century challenges


Our global culture seems to be ever seeking new lows. The mass media prefers gossip over news, status updates are replacing intellectual debates and our leaders provide us with more scandals than social improvements. Could spirituality play a major role in counteracting the growing social malaise?

In a new report written by Dr Jonathan Rowson of the RSA, we are presented us with the findings from a two year study of these very issues, involving some 300 experts from myriad philosophical backgrounds. In the past any matters with a connection to spirituality were deftly avoided by governments simply by deferring to religious leaders. The public and politicians of today are not as inclined to accept this strategy and seem hungry to rediscover the spiritual aspects of life and discover how they can benefit both individuals and society as a whole.

The question is, should spirituality play a greater role in the public realm? Please consider reading this fascinating report and then decide for yourself.

Download ‘Spiritualise: revitalising spirituality to address 21st century challenges’ (PDF, 1 MB)  

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