Creative Offerings

Music, poetry, art, spoken work, comedy, theatrical set

Sets for performances are between 10 and 20 mins.

Applicants should send one of the following:

  • Recording of themselves (5 min maximum)
  • Link to online space where the team can view your art/work/spoken word/music. 
  • PDFs or JPEG of art. Note: If you are submitting pictures of art, please add a small description (100) words to sum up how it relates to the themes of the symposium. 
  • A short video of your performance (5 min maximum).

Along with a:

  • Brief introduction and why you feel your music/poetry/spoken word/comedy/performance is aligned with the theme of the event.

Here for you

Rainbow Goddess

Rainbow Goddess

Remo Eerma

Remo Eerma


Applicants should apply by submitting the following form by 25th April 2023 at the latest.

Applications have closed, thanks for all your submissions.