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The Science of Divinity – A. K. Mukhopadhyay


The world has been taking a new turn. Humanity has been crossing the threshold to emerge as Homo spiritualis! Spiritual quest of a large number of scientists has been taking the science beyond materialism; science with space time matter and visible energy. Galileo Commission of Scientific and Medical Network, UK has been working hard to extend the scope of science by extending its horizon, by pushing the envelope. The basic science has been climbing the ladder of cognition from automated cell signalling to the autonomous wisdom of a single cell. In cosmology and physics there is a movement from Einstein’s cosmological constant, zeropoint energy state, to the boundary of the universe followed by a transition from the universe to the multiverse. At this point of Time, the psychological facet of the science of divinity stays relevant. This piece of editorial is to lay down the foundational framework of such science which calls for multidisciplinary investigations, although has a lot related to the discipline of neuroscience associated with a movement from cortical consciousness towards supracortical consciousness.

Divinity is the property of the Divine. Ontology, axiology, phenomenology and epistemology are intertwined in this behavioural expression. Therefore, the process of making a science of divinity is difficult but not an improbable and is surely not impossible. To begin with, divinity is one of the rarest feelings and eventually is a profound precious experience, which while nurtured could be possibly described in Third Person’s perspectives although the feelings and experience always remain confined in the cage of First Person’s perspectives. With the desirable degree of cognitive and affective development of the human brain associated with the gain of unique psychomotor skill to have freedom from causal informational chain within the brain, it is possible to feel and experience this divinity within three dimensions of space and, therefore, the prospect of developing a few new theories for science out of this experience runs high.Theories which are sourced from such deep experiences have an organic course to evolve in science.

Description of the Feeling and the Experience

The experience of the divinity has three cardinal components; Transcendence, Peace and Alluring charm of an effulgent and resplendent, which is effectively soothing.

The experience begins on the background of a feeling of transcendence. What is this transcendence about? Transcendence of space, transcendence of time, transcendence of pleasure and pain, and even transcendence of causal (informational) chain! Following such transcendence, one still might be restless. One requires overcoming this restlessness and to remain calm in approaching this experience. Calmness arrives with the process of surrender to this optionless circumstance.



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