Transforming Aging Summit

Are you ready for life’s “third act”? Or maybe you’re well on your way to your fourth…

Are you passionate about thriving in your later years — making them your BEST years?

Are you committed to aging consciously, positively and creating a legacy for generations to come?

In our mainstream culture there’s an underlying message that after you reach a certain age you don’t have a meaningful role. And that your later years are a time when you’re meant to take a step back, become less engaged (in politics, social activities, clubs) and fill your days with idle hobbies… while letting younger folks step in to make their contributions to our world.

What’s the result of this misguided attitude? Not only is it easy to start to feel irrelevant and that your best days are behind you… but entire generations miss out on your valuable experience and wisdom — even though the world desperately needs you!

Many people also find their passion waning and lose sight of their bigger vision for the next stages of life, and the impact they’re meant to make.

The Transforming Aging Summit is here to not only challenge these falsehoods, but to empower you to fully THRIVE!

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Conscious Ageing and the Wisdom of Elders

There is a big difference between simply becoming old and aging consciously – ageing with intent. This interactive day event will provide a space to reflect on what it means to become a conscious elder at a time when we can expect more years of what Mary Catherine Bateson calls ‘Adulthood 2’ characterised by ‘active wisdom’. We may well undergo turning points in our sense of identity, relationships and generativity or contribution. Elders have a great deal to offer, perhaps from a wider and wiser viewpoint; and, as Jung maintained, we need to acquire a spiritual outlook on life in order finally to be able to affirm our lives, our transformation in death and the love we have shared with significant others. We invite you to come and share your own insights.