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How can we relearn organisation through self-organising systems? Join Dr Vasileios Basios for an exciting journey through chaos and complexity theory as an essential condition for developing more sophisticated and reliable thinking about the processes of change and transformation in relation to consciousness studies.
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What if we listened deeply to the Voice of the Earth?  Join First People North American Elders Apela Colorado and Leroy Little Bear for a searching exploration into indigenous understandings of consciousness, thought and language that provide striking contrasts with Western approaches that most of us take for granted.
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This talk is in two parts. It addresses the overarching theme of the unfolding of consciousness from the Divine to the material regarding the human being.
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Webinar: Dr Steve Minett on Consciousness and Feeling Thursday, 25 February...
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Mystics and Scientists webinar hosted by the Scientific and Medical Network on 03 March 2021....
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Join renowned Somatic Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Trainer Dr. Siegmar Gerken for a journey into embodying the flow of love, light and consciousness to open up new vistas and possibilities in your life.
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Join us for an illuminating panel discussion with Elias Capriles, Debashish Banerji and Lewis Mehl-Madrona. We will explore cross-culturally indigenous wisdom traditions in terms of their knowledge-base, methods and practices as a means to facilitate a transformational shift in consciousness. This webinar is for people searching for transpersonal-existential meaning and purpose in life beyond the constraints of Western modernity. 
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Federico Faggin will be interviewed by David Lorimer about his autobiography entitled:  ‘SILICON – From the Invention of the Microprocessor to the New Science of Consciousness’. In his heartfelt memoir, Faggin chronicles his “four lives”: his formative years in war-torn Northern Italy; his pioneering work in the US microelectronics industry; his successful career as a high-tech entrepreneur; and his explorations into the mysteries of consciousness.