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August 23, 2021:  In this talk I will present evidence that we are currently moving, via the postmodern era (which in many ways is an extreme extension of the values of modernity), into a transmodern era. This new era is one of radical interconnectedness and of coming up against systemic limits, which the values of individualism, progress and institutional separations that define modernity are not well equipped to cope with. Many of these systemic limitations have been very apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic and these will be discussed. I will argue that some of the governmental response to Covid-19 has been arguable pre-modern in ethos. The transmodern worldview requires a framework for understanding the important role that spirituality and science play in solving the problems that the modern world has created, which acknowledges their complex interactive relationship while recognising their differences. I will present my ‘MODI model’ of science and spirituality as an example of this.