Dr Iain McGilchrist discusses his new book, ‘The Matter With Things’

Dr Iain McGilchrist, author of The Master and His Emissary, discusses some of the themes of his new book, titled ‘The Matter With Things’, due for publication in 2021.

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  1. This was an excellent first run around the track. I hope JBP will be able to find the time and motivation to read “The Matter with Things” in greater depth than he seems to have done in this interview. I found the Curt Jaimungal interview of Dr. McGilchrist much more delightful in that he also comes from a deeply analytical background but has not identified himself with a body of work that he feels compelled to defend. The interior journey is best taken with the right brain at the helm of the voyage of discovery. This is why I found Edmund Husserl so frustrating when I read his book “Ideas”. It was an amazing experience to see Curt Jaimungal confess to his feelings of vulnerability while reading TMAHE. This is what the best therapy and spiritual journeying is all about. It is a kind of learning that Kierkegaard referred to with fear and trembling. It is not at all like learning about how Lie Groups on a fibre bundle are related to Chern-Weil invariants. One journey could not be more personal and the other could hardly be more impersonal.