Challenging the theory of life. A bold, controversial hypothesis.

  • Challenging the theory of life. A bold, controversial hypothesis.

    Posted by Richard Alabone on 15 September 2021 at 11:08 pm

    The study of the science of life is deficient mainly because biologists have relied upon the misinterpretation of 93-year old evidence. DNA controls life, but biologists know it is not a book of instructions, although the answer is in evidence that has been ignored by science – the answer lies in telepathy, for which there is now evidence of a quantum carrier. All life is a perpetual copying machine where each generation is a part copy of its parental families, which is universally understood and accepted. A fetus starts growing according to its species but later copies parental information creating bodily features with a mind and operating system.

    In his book, Making Sense of Life; Exploring the Relationship between DNA and Telepathy, Richard Alabone details a revolutionary explanation of the evidence, and furthermore, provides proof that the current theory of biology is based on misinterpreted results of an experiment carried out in 1928. Available on Amazon or via the authors website

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