How Private are our Thoughts?

Two people communicating by telepathy. Digital illustration.

The nature of the human biological field (Biofield) and its relationship to the Earth’s field is a rapidly developing area of neuroscience research. Several recent studies of Michael Persinger and others at Laurentian University indicate that our thoughts may not be all that private after all. That we share our neurological patterns with others close to us, with the electric and magnetic field of the Earth, possibly even with the Milky Way Galaxy.


The space between the Earth’s surface and the Ionosphere forms a cavity filled with the Earth’s electromagnetic field which at extremely low frequencies forms a series of standing waves. Those waves (electric and magnetic) are energized by lightning strikes and have resonant peaks around 8Hz, 14, 21 and 27, named after their discoverer, Schumann Resonances. Less known is that similar resonance frequencies occur in the human brain. More, that the electric field component of the Schumann resonance closely matches that of the brain. With the field frequencies and amplitudes showing such a close match, Persinger and his associates suggested that there could be a flow of information between the human brain and the Earth’s field. Perhaps the Earth’s field could store our thoughts. Other people may be able to reach into that field and pick up the thoughts.

In a recent experiment, 41 subjects had their electric brain patterns monitored and correlated with Schumann changes in the Earth’s field measured by an observatory in Italy. The brain patterns of the subjects showed transient correlations to the Earth’s field (Figure 1). This implies that a component of our brain’s signal moves coherently in step with the Earth’s field. The duration of the coherence was around 300 milliseconds, as fast as a typical “flash of intuition”. Could some of our intuitions come from information we extract from the Earth’s field?

frequency 0

Parsinger suggests that biophotons may be the agent for information transfer. In previous experiments, reported on this site, he showed how volunteers generated photons around the head by thinking about light — photons originating in electrical processes in the brain cells. Such biophotons are also emitted coherently from cancer cells. In deep sleep, our brain patterns tend to resonate with the Earth’s field making us more susceptible to information transfer.

If our brain patterns, and our thoughts are linked with the Earth’s field, then our thoughts may not be as private as we supposed. Previous studies by Persinger showed that Theta brain patterns of siblings, and people who are in frequent contact tend to synchronize. The anecdotal stories of couples who appear to have frequent telepathic incidents may have some basis in hard science.

No more secrets? We may be sending our thoughts out into the Earth’s field where others can catch them.

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