Peter Deunov the Prophet of Love and Wisdom

A special introduction by David Lorimer7-9 pm, Monday 17th September at the Study Society, Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 (Tube Baron’s Court). 

SMN members are also very welcome to join the Study Society members gathering for Vedic chanting from 6pm to 6:30 that evening, followed by silent meditation from 6:30-7pm before the talk itself.

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Continental Meeting 2016 – Convergent Evolution, Attractors and Love

In 1941 the mathematician Luigi Fantappiè introduced a new type of causality into the explanation of life and evolution. The equations which combine quantum mechanics and special relativity show that, in addition to causality, retrocausality is also an ingredient of our universe. Whereas causality is governed by the law of entropy (diverging tendency), retrocausality is governed by a symmetrical law which leads to the increase of differentiation, complexity and structures. Combining the two Greek words syn=converging and tropos=tendency Fantappiè coined the word syntropy in order to describe the retrocausal action of attractors, the converging tendency of evolution towards a final unifying cause which he named love.