Shamanic Journeying: Paradigm Explorers: London 7th Meetup

PEL Dec2019

Sunday December 1st 2019

Paradigm Explorers: London 7th Meetup


4:00pm: warm welcome & introduction with Madelyn Freeman & Lucy Sam

4:10pm: individual introductions (who you are, what you study, why you are here)

4:30pm: Discussion on Shamanism

  • Our Experiences with Shamanism
  • Shamanic Practices & Societies
  • Western Culture & Shamanism
  • Traditional Practitioners
  • Methods for Altered States of Consciousness
  • Shamanism as a Tool for Healing

5:30pm: London Paradigm Explorers EXPLORATION

  • Shamanic Drum Circle Experiential

5:55pm: Group Photos, goodbyes & SMN signups

Please purchase a ticket* to attend the event

*Tickets are FREE for SMN student members. If you are a student member of the SMN, please enter the discount code “SMNSTUDENT” (Those who purchase a FREE ticket must show proof of an active student membership upon arrival)


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