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How can we heal ourselves with our own voice? Come and join Danish vocal sound therapist and composer Githa Ben-David for an experiential evening to discover how you can ‘decalcify’ your Pineal Gland with your own voice.
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This talk is in two parts. It addresses the overarching theme of the unfolding of consciousness from the Divine to the material regarding the human being.
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Colin Tudge - The Great Re-think
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With Barry Spivack, Patricia Williams & David Orme-Johnson PhD What is the potential influence of collective meditation on world peace?
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Join Catherine Lucas for a discussion on the timely theme of the relationship between personal and planetary awakening of consciousness through crisis. Catherine brings her personal insight into the process of awakening through crisis to shed light on our current global situation.
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Religion and Spirituality
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What scientist around the world really think about religion.
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What if we listened deeply to the Voice of the Earth?  Join First People North American Elders Apela Colorado and Leroy Little Bear for a searching exploration into indigenous understandings of consciousness, thought and language that provide striking contrasts with Western approaches that most of us take for granted.
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What if breakdown can be a breakthrough? Join Dr Jim Garrison for a roller coaster ride through the inspirational series of solution-oriented Humanity Rising conversations he has been hosting since the early summer – these are a real sign of hope in our chaotic times!