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Shakti Caterina Maggi: Awakening to the Reality of One Life The global crisis is forcing us to review the basis of our society and way of living. The reality of being One Consciousness behind all the differences of our forms can lead us to approach our current issues on a social, ecological and spiritual level as one topic.
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At the beginning of last year, the world was faced with a public health crisis, the scope of which had not been seen in a century. As COVID-19 rapidly reached every corner of the globe, chaos and fear ran rampant. Yet, as the pandemic worsened, billions of people decided to respond with love, care, and compassion. Even though we were separated physically, people were connecting and reaching out—to neighbours and strangers alike—more than ever before.  
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The global population is growing older and living longer than ever before. With that comes unnecessary fear and anxiety as ageing can often be seen as a negative or a period of decline.  Join Marilyn as she seeks to disrupt the status quo that surrounds our worldviews on ageing by advancing the realisation of each person’s unique potentials and self-fulfilment through a whole person model that supports self-actualisation, self-transcendence and collective transformation throughout the lifespan.